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A Domain is a distinct element on the Internet with addresses sharing information under the control of a particular organization or individual, or In simple term domain name is a unique identification of a website on the internet indicating to a business or individual. Domain name is always different for all websites address through which your customer or your visitor can connect to your website and get the required information. You can choose your domain with a flexible domain extensions like .com, .in, .co.in, .net and etc. Once you complete a domain registration formality with a proper extension then no other user can register the same domain with the same extension. That particular domain address was allocated to you only. You can build a website with allocating to the web address. Always keep in mind that your domain name will give your business a brand value online and navigate user to your website.

250 MB
  • 1 Sub Domain
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 2 Email Account
500 MB
  • 1 Sub Domain
  • 2 FTP Account
  • 5 Email Account
1 GB
  • 2 Sub Domain
  • 3 FTP Account
  • 10 Email Account
3 GB
  • 3 Sub Domain
  • 3 FTP Account
  • 15 Email Account
  • 3 Sub Domain
  • 3 FTP Account
  • Unlimted Email Account
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