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Our Product

The cornerstone towards starting this product was because, we felt there is a bit of tweaking that needs to be done with our education system. Our desired product design can incorporate a more revolutionized education system which will benefit our nation in the years to come. It also brings in parents' contribution to making their ward well-equipped to the demands of modern world as well as creating a friendly atmosphere both at home and with the teachers at school.



Ehouse is nothing but to Educate Smart School to every school. Here we customized the application, which will help Principal, Staffs, Parents and as well as students to see their individual and overall performance.


This is a Business product, where you can maintain entire structure of buying, selling and etc., also used to generate GST Computation. This includes marketing, purchasing, Invoice generation, accounts, service and complaints.


This is a financial application which is useful for third party clients who outsource the banking sectors for Credit card, Debit card, Car loan, Home loan, Personal loan, etc., to monitor, follow and maintain their data's.


This is a Laboratory product, here they test the samples and entry the testing details, also used to generate GST Computation. This includes marketing, expenses, invoice, accounts, task scheduling and appointments.


This is a Ticket rising applications, there will be complaints. All complaints will enrolled and assign to agencies like third party. Here you can maintain list of tickets, service cost, credit and debit amount of agencies.


Zap-HR application is used to maintain total employee records like, pay slips, leave and attendance, appointment letter and etc. This Application is useful for many third party companies, who are outsourcing their work with other companies.
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